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Article from our NPTA trade magazine

Below is the article from NPTA trade magazine.

And lets not forget the other aspect of our work around the country – auditing our accredited members.

These aren’t just “tick box” checks to ensure that these special members are doing everything, correctly, they are also opportunities for “one-to-one” discussions on all manner of issues affecting their businesses.

Pest control is often a lonely business, with small companies, especially “one man bands” seeing no one except their customers for months, sometimes years on end, with few opportunities to just have a chat with anyone who understands what they are doing. Our audits can help here.

Take David French of Five Star Pest Control on the Isle of Wight, pictured in the middle here with the rest of his team. “whilst you’re here, would you mind looking at one of my sites which is giving me  some problems?” he asked. Our auditor was delighted to do this – and hopefully was some use.


Such ‘on site’ audits are going to become more frequent as the HSE are pushing for feedback on how Stewardship is actually going out in the field, So all NPTAA Accredited Members, please plan for your auditor to see one of your sites when you are next visited. We may even be able to help! (PS David and his team passed with flying colours).