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Moles are a nuisance pest rather than a public health pest. It is however incredibly destructive due to it’s habit of tunneling beneath cultivated areas in search of it’s foodsource , mainly Earthworms and other invertibrates and is classed as a pedatory insectivor. It can cause damage to crops and lawned playing surfaces such as sports fields and golf courses. It is also a problem on grass strip airfields.

In the farming industry earth from Mole hills if taken into grass sillage will cause it to rot.

Very territorial, Moles do not form colonies but will extend their tunnel network often giving rise to large numbers of hills in their area of activity.

5 Star Pest Control are members of the Guild of British Molecatchers and adhere to their code of conduct. We use only trapping as a method of control as we regard these as more humane than gas and traps are checked frequently. Remember it is the shock of being caught that will kill the Mole rather than the action of the trap itself.